4th-degree belt from the Gracie Barra Team & crypto infuencer at your service!

Meet Joel Townsend

Meet Joel Townsend

Hi, this is Joel Townsend – a 4th-degree black belt from the Gracie Barra Team. I have been training Jiu-Jitsu for over 25 years, helping children of all ages learn the art of self-defense. My long successful career includes 19 MMA and kickboxing fights. I have been a Western Canadian Champion twice in my career (2004 & 2005) and a Washington State Champion – the achievements that gave me recognition at the national level.

It was 2015 when I landed in the crypto space. This was when I actively started investing in Bitcoin and began my research on the entire crypto currency phenomenon.

My Vision

My Vision

Being a fighter all my life, I have learned how important to have the right skills to face all the physical challenges you encounter. My “Bullied 2 Bulletproof” program is the foundation I have set to help children – especially girls – learn self-defense and feel more empowered. I plan on taking this program to community centers, urban schools, juvenile institutions, and every place where people can benefit.

I envision that every marital arts professional should reap the benefits of having a secondary source of income.

My Stats

Professional Fights
Year of Training Experience
Times Western Canadian Champion
Time Washington State Champion


Joel Townend’s academy is a wonderful place to learn martial arts. We have 5 and 8 years old girls attending classes. His training has helped our daughters learn not only self-defense but also character-building.
Our daughter started when she was 3. By the time she entered her pre-nursery, her teachers were amazed to see her great manners towards others and her self-control. Thanks Joel for your efforts!

Joel Townsend

I have been taking Joel’s crypto investment lessons for a while now. I am pleased with how he guides us to invest wisely to generate a passive income stream. I would recommend all fellow Martial art professionals to take his crypto lessons.
Martial Arts Fighter
With Joel, I have finally found someone who could teach me how to actually invest in crypto. His teaching methods and practical investment tips are excellent. It’s great being your student Joel!
Martial Arts Fighter

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